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In addition to our general ERP consulting services, Monkey Tech is also offering additional Pronto Xi specific consulting services for your business.

Monkey Tech is not a Pronto distributor or partner – we are proudly vendor-independent and software agnostic in all of our services. Drawing on our extensive experience with Pronto Xi, we provide in-depth functional expertise across Pronto’s solutions. We know Pronto is an excellent and cost-effective ERP for many businesses when utilised to its full potential. But the product alone does not determine your ERP success. We know the business environment is continually changing, we know your people change, we know processes evolve, it is essential also to consider how your system also needs to change to provide ongoing transparency and controls.

Our Pronto consulting includes functional work across business processes, security, and data management, including:

  • Identifying root causes and addressing any immediate issues and concerns

  • Maximise the value of your current solution by Identifying gaps between processes and the system

  • Review your current configuration to identify any inefficiencies or break-downs of controls

  • Align user access to their responsibilities within the business processes, and document the procedures for each role

  • Review and advise on any current customisations that are no longer needed, or areas where customisations could solve specific challenges

  • Map and implement workflows and process to streamlining onboarding and training for users within your organisation

At Monkey Tech, we have a long history of increasing organisations usage of, and the value provided by, Pronto Xi for our clients around the world. We invest time in getting to know your business’ needs, challenges, and goals. We ask a lot of questions, and we implement robust business processes in a controlled and transparent way.

We work with your users across the organisation to ensure your system is as simple as possible to use at every level. Our in-depth understanding of operations and how to ensure the transactional data is generated with sufficient detail to provide actionable information for decision-makers will increase efficiency and allow for processes to be automated.

Over the last 10-15 years, our people have worked with Pronto clients of all sizes across multiple industry verticals and geographical locations. In addition to finance and accounting teams, we primarily work with operational business units in the supply chain-, maintenance-, and service management. We tailor our recommended processes to your business and your environment, and our phased approach gives you the full picture of how we are there to enable and support your business as it grows.

>If you currently use Pronto Xi and you are not maximising its value, we will provide the experience and expertise to get you there. We aim to make every Pronto user a Pronto evangelist.

Contact us today to see how we can help your business get the most out of your Pronto ERP investment.

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