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The benefits of any ERP system decreases over time as a business, its processes, and its people change. Your current system hopefully provided significant value to your business at the time of its implementation. However, unless you have been continuously improving your system to keep it current, undergoing a health check on the current state of your ERP system and the integrity of the data it contains can provide substantial value to your business.

Our ERP system health check identifies the root cause of issues or concerns with your system and recommends solutions to these, either through business process re-engineering, system improvements or ERP replacement.

An ERP system health check will:

  • Identify whether current concerns or issues with your ERP system comes from the system itself, the business process it is trying to enforce, or how people are using the system

  • Identify gaps and opportunities where you can gain additional benefits from your existing system and align it to your current processes and people

  • Address the immediate business needs, and provide a roadmap for your future ERP projects

  • Identify gaps or issues that cannot be resolved by improvements to your current system and recommend when ERP system replacement is necessary

When process and system improvements is the outcome, we will if needed, offer assistance with:

  • Assessing your current business processes

  • Re-engineer your business processes and implement these in your business

  • Liaise with your vendors to document requirements for system changes or improvements

  • Provide project management and change management throughout the project

If you need to replace your ERP system, we will take you through the process by:

  • Mapping and ensuring the robustness of your critical business processes before considering new ERP products – this dramatically simplifies the ERP selection process as the requirements are precise.
  • Document how your business is likely to change in the future, to ensure the solution selected will remain fit for purpose going forward.
  • Guide you through the vendor selection process – choosing the right vendor is often just as important as selecting the right products and the right features to get your ROI. Being vendor-independent and software agnostic, we can recommend the right vendor for your business.
  • Provide project management and change management for your ERP implementation.

Having our skillset and experience on your team will increase the value you realise from our ERP projects and help you avoid the common pitfalls notorious for causing ERP failure.

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