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Today’s world is increasingly digital, no matter what sector and market your business is competing in. Navigating the digital landscape and filtering the flurry of buzz-words to find what presents an opportunity for your business, is challenging and not something that is in most business leaders’ DNA. But it is in ours.

Digital Transformation is not all about Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, big data, and cloud computing. For some businesses, these cutting-edge technologies can provide significant efficiencies to their operations. Still, for others, the immediate value of digital transformation is using the technology they already have in a better way.

The first step is to understand what the main objective of your business is at its core, and how digital technologies can help obtain or improve competitive advantages in your industry. This means mapping processes and analysing the flow of information, including how you and your team interacts with it along the way. No matter what type of digital transformation you are considering, whether it’s implementing a new ERP system, integrating an e-commerce platform to your existing technology stack or just trying to limit the number of uncontrolled Excel spreadsheets that are used in your operation, this is critical even before getting vendor and product proposals.

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Digitising or automating inefficient or ineffective processes will not magically improve any part of your business; it will likely do the opposite. This can escalate to situations where companies often end up in the downward spiral of throwing good money after bad.

Successful digital transformation enables your business to focus on the core of what it does best and to explore new opportunities. It isn’t just about bringing in new tech, but about modernising your business processes and potentially even your business models. To achieve this, you need to take a step back and reconsider what you do, why you do it, and how you do it.

Monkey Tech delivers an end-to-end digital transformation service by working side by side with your team and guide them through the entire process, which includes:

  • Map business processes to identify where data is created and consumed throughout the organisation

  • Ensure the effectiveness of your business processes can be measured.

  • Provide a solutions architecture that works for your business

  • Design a framework to enable continual improvement of processes and systems

  • Help you select the best products and vendors to deliver their parts of the solution

  • Delivering on-going Project and Change Management for the entirety of the project

We focus on bringing your technology, people, and business processes together to deliver steady returns on digital transformation investments by solidifying your competitive advantage in your industry.

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