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The value of any ERP system diminishes over time as your business, its processes and its people change. Suppose you are looking to upgrade or replace your existing ERP system, or you are moving from a smaller accounting system to an ERP package for the first time. In these cases, our ERP implementation consulting services will help you deliver the objectives of your project.

At Monkey Tech, we know that implementing or doing any significant modification to an ERP system, will have a considerable impact throughout your organisation. It will change how many of your employees are executing their day-to-day duties, and it will change how data flows through your business, affecting how your organisation makes decisions. ERP implementations are transformational; they change how you do business.

Compared to other projects, ERP implementations are often significantly more extensive in terms of impact and cost; it is not a type of project most companies frequently does. Having the same ERP system for 10 to 15 years is not uncommon, and technology changes a lot in a decade.

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Some of the main reasons ERP implementations fail do deliver all the benefits envisioned when starting the project are:

  • The organisation views the project with a technical focus, rather than a business and process-driven focus

  • Companies underestimate the internal resources required to define business processes and to perform data migration

  • The integrator or its consultants are inexperienced in your industry and don’t invest sufficient time to understand your business and its needs

  • Organisational change management is crucial to the success of an implementation and is the main reason for projects fail

  • Over customise the to the software where the root problem is an ineffective or inefficient business process

What makes Monkey Tech’s approach different?

Monkey Tech’s ERP Implementation methodology addresses a vast array of other causes implementations, and other large projects fail in addition to the ones outlined above.
We operate independently from your software vendor; our only commitment is to maximise the return on your EPR investment and make sure your solution will meet your needs today, and in the coming years.

ERP Upgrades of the same product are smaller and carries less risk than a full implementation, but they present an excellent opportunity to gain more from your system.
There may be new functionality you can benefit from, either by improving a process or removing previous customisations no longer needed. Before upgrading, it is essential to review how the current system is aligned with your business needs and leverage the upgrade project to take corrective action if required.

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