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What is Cybersecurity?

All organisations will, at some point, to some extent, become a victim of cybercrime. It is inevitable in a world where businesses and people are relying on connected technology in all aspects of their life, and cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated.

Adapting the view that your business or industry is not a valuable target for hackers is not an option, someone explicitly targeting your company is unlikely your most significant risk (depending on what kind of business you are). For example, a ransomware attack will impact most companies more than a hacker gaining access to their financial statements.

While a data breach might not have a direct financial impact, the damage it can cause to a companies reputation can sometimes be irreversible.

The simple fact is; Cyber risk is business risk, and it must be taken seriously by businesses in all shapes and sizes.

How Monkey Tech can help with Cybersecurity

While the threat landscape differs between industries, and even between companies, the fundamentals of a robust cybersecurity policy start with the same steps.

Monkey Tech will help you understand your risks and what mitigation strategies you need to consider, by applying industry standards and best practices. Our review of your environment will include identifying which assets are critical to your operation, identify the specific threats to these, and quantify the potential impact a cyberattack is likely to cause.

These findings will form the basis of a comprehensive risk assessment, providing you with advice and options on which mitigation strategies to implement.

Monkey Tech will guide you through defining and implementing strategies to prevent common threat vectors such as compromised credentials, ransomware, and phishing. Our approach will Include system authentication and authorisation management, encryption policies, patch management and user awareness training.

Our focus is to make you prepared and have a response plan to initiate should you fall victim to a cyberattack. Depending on the specific risks to your company, this may include providing advice on detection technologies or selection of a specialist security provider for incident response.

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