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As the availability of on-demand SaaS products has exploded across a broad range of business activities, SaaS products have often been selected and procured for business units or users without the involvement and central management of IT teams. The unfortunate side effect of this practice is that many businesses find themselves in a position where information becomes siloed, and intra-organisational transparency is limited is any.

When business units are operating without seeing the overall picture, it stifles productivity and cross-functional collaboration, leading to wastage of valuable resources. Inevitably, this impacts the business as a whole to reach its strategic goals.

While business leaders must ensure that their organisation’s systems are current, relevant and fit for purpose, at the same time, it is vital to extract the maximum value from existing legacy systems. The effective utilisation of existing applications across your business is a crucial factor to realise the potential benefits of previous investments.

Should your business be unsure of which applications and systems are in use across your organisation and need to develop a defined approach to for application management, we will complete an application management audit. This audit will equip you with the knowledge to strategically and practically manage your technology stack.

An application audit includes:


  • Review of all applications used by the various business units and users, ensuring applications used are aligned with your company’s policies and identify what business challenges the system is addressing.
  • Assess your current software acquisition processes and provide an application management strategy tailored to your business needs.
  • Identify which systems are using the same information, and define any required integration points between them.


When the need for a custom or bespoke software solution arises, we will provide the required expertise to ensure that these solutions are designed and developed in a user-friendly and maintainable way. Our software design and development experience stretches from complex enterprise-wide software solutions via smaller specific applications, to interfaces allowing efficient data interchange between systems and business processes.

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