ERP Integration Services

ERP Integration Services

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Software companies design their ERP systems to fit a broad market of potential users across industries. Each ERP system has its strengths, and its weaknesses, leading to specific ERP products may be better suited for, have more adaptation in, some industries than other products do.

However, every business is unique, with distinct needs and goals, even within the same industry and sector. Business leaders need to determine which ERP system is right for their business, their processes, and their people – and which is right not just for today but going forward.

Best of breed

For a multitude of reasons, the best option for your business might be to use external 3rd party solutions to support some of your specific business processes. Companies refer to this approach as a ‘best of breed’ solution. It takes the best application for each particular business process and interfaces them to provide a total solution. With the availability of cloud-based and niche SaaS applications continue to grow, this approach will only become more prevalent.

In this scenario, it is crucial to ensure that the relevant data flows between systems in a timely and secure manner. Depending on the data, the nature of your business, and your goals, this data exchange might be daily, hourly, or in real-time. It is also essential to facilitate consolidated reporting on data across systems and datasets.

Working closely alongside you, we will help you identify an appropriate integration strategy for your business and provide you with design and implementation services to deliver the objectives of that strategy.

ERP integration strategies

An ERP integration strategy needs to address the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the data. Having data in multiple systems and moving data between those systems exponentially increases the challenges.

When developing a suitable integration strategy for your technical environment, we will analyse and define:

  • At what frequency does data need to be exchanged?
  • Is data conversion needed between systems, and to what extent?
  • Does data from multiple systems need to be consolidated for reporting purposes?
  • If the same data is consumed by multiple applications, which system is responsible for the master data?
  • Is the data encrypted while at rest in the various systems, or should it be?
  • Is data encrypted while in transit between systems and is the encryption used applying with the current standards required?

We appreciate that each business has different goals and requirements when it comes to data integration. Our experience with clients across industry verticals and geographical locations when integrating internal and external systems to work as one will allow you to maximise the benefits realisation of your ERP integration strategy.

Contact us today to see how our ERP integration consulting service can reduce risk and increase efficiencies for your business.

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